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Digital Rescue History – Exploring Online the Local Past (presentation)

Making rescue history digital born allows to deliver rescued fragments of the past to the generation of digital natives. In my presentation I show theoretical background of local history, new ideas of making multimedial and multi-sensual versions of the past. Finally I try to show the different approaches to presenting local history online.


The Social Use of Digital History (presentation)

During the Sommerakademie 2010 in the Herder Institut in Marburg I gave a presentation about the social use of digital history. By the perspective of Akademia Rzygaczy (The Gargoyle Academy) I tried to show the potential of citizen historians and grassroots digitalization in building the knowledge about local past.


Hitler has become a cartoon of himself – an interview with Daniel Erk

Daniel Erk is a German journalist and independent writer. He publishes a blog about the recepion of Nazi history in popular culture.


Hacking the Academy: the Cathedral and the Bazaar of Knowledge

It may be a great challenge for the Academy and very encouraging perspective to recognize the role of knowledge hackers and use their potential. To hack the academy is to work with a strong connection to the academic world, but independently, without any administrative restrictions (especially over the rigid defined borders of scholar disciplines).


Friendsourcing on Twitter (for academic purposes)

Twitter becomes one of the main internet tools I use to get to know about digital humanities issues discussed around the web. Neither RSS feeds nor Google News bring me such precise information on this topic. This is a great chance for collaboration and exchanging ideas.


After dictatorship in Argentina (1976-83) and Chile (1973-1990). Visual representations of collective experiences: documentaries, comics and shortfilms on youtube.com

The history of Latin America is full of mysteries and unspoken tragedies. This continent suffered by the dictatorships, by unstable governments or by military juntas. The most visible fact of analysing the history of this region is that tragedies affected the simple families, whose members were murdered in unclear circumstances. Till today, only a small [...]


Unique collection of Warsaw Uprising Mail returns to Poland

Almost all of polish newspapers alarmed about the german auction in Duesseldorf, where famous collector Manfred Schulze put over 120 exhibits consisting of stamps, envelopes and private letters. Finally, this unique collection of Uprising’s souvenirs was bought by the Warsaw Uprising Museum for 190.000 Eu, which was an opening price. Big album of polish correspondence [...]


The use of history in politics – some examples from polish actual parlament elections

Roger Boyes writes in The Times about political use of new film by Andrzej Wajda’s. The article describes a situation, where the Kaczynski twins (President and Prime Minister) try to use Katyn memory for contemporary campaign (on 21st of October there is an parlament election in Poland). President Kaczynski planned to organise the great ceremony [...]